Legal methods of website promotion

Legal methods of website promotion

The main steps in search promotion of websites are identifying the demand and keywords, composing an article on the sites topic. The more articles a site has, the more favored it is for Googlebot. Google generally likes new texts different from already published versions. Creating an article is a key step in improving site positions and being a leader in search engines.

The sites that are promoted legally get filtered by search engines very seldom, with rare exceptions.

Our responsibilities include designing page layouts and writing texts that are short and memorable. We work with text a lot to make it not only readable for robots, but highly useful for your potential clients as it is customers who evaluate the appropriateness of the information on your site to the keywords they type in search engines.

Quite often the sites that use forbidden methods of promotion get to top 10 of search results list. They do not contain any information, only spam, so sooner or later get filtered.

The site articles should be clear and compact, approximately 500 words. Equally important are CMS and layout. Sites CMS can be free, like WordPress, but the layout needs to be optimized. It may look anyhow if optimized correctly to enable right search promotion of a site. The layout can be varied in structure, but necessarily appropriate for search engines.

Headings, subheadings and main content should be placed in the upper part of the page template. We do not hide text, produce spam or use similar style for the headings h1 h6 with simple text. This is all read by search engines. We use legal methods of site promotion.

Having a layout with too much text makes it more difficult to get to top 50 in the competitive environment. It is better to produce several articles for certain keyword with different dynamics. The clear code with minimum scripts, plain content, distinctive text those are the keys to your sites success.

Illegal methods are sometimes assumed more effective, but you will doubtfully be able to get any customers during the projects short life. We have successfully operated on the market using legal techniques and gained reliable reputation.

If you have a good text, do not hesitate to publish it, close for some time, turning off the RSS, then open a part and check on Google. If accepted, it is possible to continue the work, for example, publishing the articles in social networks. This is only the beginning. After that goes accurate optimization of headlines, simple text and images. We take certain amount of words without stop words. The stop words are:

Separate punctuation marks: . , / ? ! ; : ( )

Numbers: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5….

Words: pronouns, participles, prepositions, conjunctions, suffixes

Separate letters: a, b, c, d..

Lets suppose that it makes 500 words on a page. We start counting the keywords, which should account for 12% of the whole text on the page, otherwise it will be spam. In case of two-word phrase the approximate number of words is 50. To figure out the needed percentage we publish an article with certain number of keywords, check the result after PC update and replace unnecessary words and synonyms with keywords. As a result the movement of a site and those of competitors in Google shows the need for certain corrections. In general sites on different topics have their own density for one- and two-word search terms.

The legal site promotion is a very time-consuming and difficult process. It is not easy to be ahead of millions of competitors, but our experience will help you achieve the best results.