New website promotion

New website promotion

Promotion of a new site is a quite complicated process. The main difficulty poses the time to get the domain indexed in search engines. The duration of this process is determined automatically and can last up to two or three weeks. Moreover, the new-born site does not have well-defined structure and content. It requires the correct setting, optimization, testing of its availability and much more. In case that a new site already has some material and works online for a certain period of time, its capabilities are clear.

Search engine optimization of a new site is a very time-consuming process, around four months. The reason for that is the new sites code, which shouldnt be optimized immediately just because the search engines wont let a fresh site with optimized content to be in top ten no matter how correct its articles are.

It is easier to show your site from other popular platforms in form of links and banners or publish information about it in portals, catalogues, social networks with a link to your source. These publications give value to your site as well as comments and likes.

Another way to speed up the promotion of a new site is to buy an old domain. You need to examine the history of a domain, contact the seller, purchase and put your new site to it. Appearing in the network, the site will take its place in the search results list and will be analyzed by the search engines. However, it still needs unique content (text and images), constant update, addition of new material, text changes, layout and images optimization to attract web crawlers. Only after that and gaining 20 pages in search engine it is possible to start optimization and new website promotion.

Take into account that purchasing links for a new web-project can have a negative effect on promotion. It is better to have short, but memorable domain without hyphens.

Website optimization is a difficult work. It includes writing, filling with new pages, editing, increasing value for the upcoming promotion and only after that adding necessary code changes. It is senseless to often change URL of pages in a new web-project, but better to use understandable URL, which gives value to the keywords.

It is not recommended to introduce new site in contextual advertising or use second domain for ads network. There is a risk for optimized pages of a new site to be filtered in the long run. The better and more profitable thing to do is to advertise your site via web banners on initial stage of development. All you need is to purchase place in a popular web-project and at 100-500 euro a week your site starts to be visited.

Promotion by means of links purchase is very unsafe. The more appropriate way is to exchange links with sites on the same subject or competitors from other regions.

Those are the hints for the development of a new site, though we highly recommend you to use a professional optimizer for this purpose.

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