Support of a websites

Technical support sites, single or continuous service. Price support site starts from 100 € per month.

There was a need to change the information? Need to change the design of individual pages, update the gallery, customize menus, fonts, colors. Edit blocks and location of banners, counters, removal, correction. Restore the previous version of the site. Installation of a new section, and more.

Site owners, we have created, maintenance costs very little. Site technical support in the form of checking and editing. I can give free, simple advice. Ask a question in the contact form and you will get the answer.

Setting up of individual pages, or all the goods or services advertised. Tracking sites with the topic: tourism, construction, medicine.

The changes are divided:

  •     change phones, map;
  •     updated price lists, links;
  •     changing the structure of the site code;
  •     change design elements template;
  •     change information display;
  •     Filling the site content;
  •     optimizing images (size, color, format);
  •     installing, reinstalling counters, banners, logos,

Very often, the owner of the resource you just need advice, help in solving the problem of the small misunderstanding technical issue. People will fill the pages of sites to the material. Publish news, upload pictures, decorate. But finally it is time to understand in more detail the structure of the site, so to speak look inside his creation. Here and need professional help, which tells the subtleties of the content. I tried a lot of options, but settled on WordPress and decided not to jump from the system. Started learning management system WordPress three years ago, it seemed all the difficult and boring. But knock month understood. All – it certainly loudly! But realized through the engine, without having any idea about the structure of PHP. By itself, I made a WordPress engine, because it really is open to the Administrator at 100%. Even without going to the server, you can edit all of the control panel (sometimes there are exceptions to topics). So I started working with WordPress. Began to study the structure of patterns, styles, tricks, gallery, plugins. Sucked and went. Engaged in the promotion of their customers’ sites (which are being wanted this does not understand). Started seo support site. Therefore, the promotion of a time was free. Now the support and promotion of sites my bread, I began optimizer through perseverance and WordPress CMS. The cost of site promotion and other services depends on the complexity of doing a job. Call or write. Good luck.