Regional website promotion

Regional promotion

Regional promotion deal fairly simple, in that case, if the region does not have federal status. Moscow and St. Petersburg in this list do not fall as promotion of a site in the region, Moscow and the region is equivalent to promotion in Russia. Very much competition, perhaps the highest in runet.

But in general the Internet market in the province still young and only increases its influence on the periphery.

Of what value are added to a regional promotion? The answer is simple. The cost depends on the complexity of the competition and, as in all other cases. Perhaps your company has decided to conquer the Internet market Vologda region. To put it simply holds the top position in the search results of its region. Here comes into play the optimizer. Get the expected, you get up on shaky ground competition. Competitors first ranks first in the issue, begin active, take action, buy the services of another optimizer. Perhaps a more powerful optimizer. And in this case, you start to push out from the top positions. In order to keep the position of the site, you need to constantly fight, in other words to pay for a permanent job seo specialist. Promotion – it is not cheap, but definitely beneficial.

Real estate and construction in the region, has (so far) not strong resistance to competitors, because a smaller number of quality websites.

Cost Optimizer depends on many factors – location, time, quality of the texts, the stability of the material, the binding to the region at the beginning of optimization.

Promotion in the regions is less work, but the rules must be observed in full. Regional sites can attract targeted traffic to clients from other regions, and it is not always unimportant. For example travel site of the Novgorod region, not attributed to St. Petersburg, can and should attract potential visitors from the Leningrad region. Increased competition due to regional filter (postpones regionally neighboring sites), but properly written text begins to attract residents of St. Petersburg and the region.

Optimizing your site code, error detection, eradication, testing, revision, adjustment, increase or decrease the text pages. Exemption of heavy images, checking the validity of html and css, fix if possible problems found.

Checking spelling and syntax errors text site. The calculation of the dialectical rotations used some phrases in different regions. In other words, the work in the linguistic field of the Russian language. Calculation of the positions on the options ordered queries the site owner.

A bunch of words in some regions is different and plays a significant role in the creation of a text by a certain segment of the population. If a site has a tendency dialect of one region, it may be that in another region where you want to sell or offer your product, it will not be in demand, for all positive performance and results, which naturally defective for business.

To understand the situation, you can start with the query statistics in different regions of Russia. These statistics provide the search engines. But here too there is a big «NO»! In some cases, search engines do offer options of queries that are not all people. For example, if my vocabulary is not a slovooborot, I just will not use it, even if I do it will be offering an authoritative resource as Yandex!

If you are traveling to Russia and neighboring countries, then watched themselves such deviations from the norm (at your long-held views.) Word, usually employed by the local population, seem ridiculous or distorted to no recognition. A bunch of words is unacceptable, in your opinion, make sense. If your site will be employed contrary to eat certain word forms in the home of some of the population, they will have the challenge of denial.

As an example, random errors in the text an authoritative source. One small mistake in the line, the more ridiculous the distorting nature of the writing, may alienate a potential client or customer forever.

Russian language is large and diverse. It employs a simple scheme. If you live in one region, the region of your interest to be exactly it. If you decide to cover the territory and far, you just need a «writer» of the text for the site of the regions of the country to which you are targeting.

The webmaster has done a great job, but the administrator allows a small mistake and the whole work of creation of your project goes down the drain. A careless omission of one letter in a keyword can recline site of the top 10 in the non-existence for a couple of weeks. Sometimes, later noticed and corrected the error in the text can lead to long-term absence in search engine results.

The cost, in some cases, may be purely symbolic. Promote computer repair service in the district center (in the absence of competitors) are sometimes so simple that even the money for such an action to take shame! Enough to give advice to your webmaster. Or advertising of hairdressing five hairdressers small town. Such examples in my business a lot of them even specifically remember I will not. My work is to work in a competitive environment. And people, specialists in certain areas (the lack of advertising opportunities in the Internet in the region), can help virtually free. Call or write.

Site Check – free service. Simple advice and justification errors. If you need advice on SEO, you do not save, you can lose more. Good luck.

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