Promotion of building websites

Search engine optimization of websites in construction industry

Website promotion on construction subject is a complicated work. The main obstacle is high competition caused by constant demand on services. They include renovation, ornamental finishing, building of capital construction objects for government and commercial organizations as well as cottages of timber and brick, etc. All of these spheres of industry have their own patterns of establishment and promotion on the Internet.

Construction websites are billboards in web, which need to be promoted among competitors. They display companies’ experience, proficiency, expediency of services and all relevant information to influence clients’ purchasing decision.

I started website promotion for construction companies around five years ago. After studying and practicing skills in this area for a long time I completed many successful projects. Construction industry is in constant need for promotion as it operates all the year round.

Construction companies do whatever it takes to attract customers. They use expensive advertisement, flyers, booklets, billboards and commercials. Competition on the Internet is quite tight as well. Many specialists work in this area, such as analytics, statisticians, designers, web architects and certainly optimizers. Their actions are aimed at building brand and image, promoting their clients’ websites. Mailing, ads in social networks, intrusive calls – those are all part of an advertisement strategy.

The most competitive industry on the Internet is building and construction. Website of a construction company is a combination of its business card, project catalogue, shopfront, online shop and price-list. Companies are ready to invest a lot of money in the success of their business, a great part of which is a good website, so optimization services get highly demanded. Optimizer helps it reach top positions in search engines.

Search engines offer paid contextual advertisement for construction companies, which is based on simple spam. Even if you have already purchased something on the Internet, you still notice ads about something that interested you before. Most people assume it annoying and very unreliable.

Construction objects require big expenditure, but as a rule are paid off fast. Building is an everlasting process, which is demanded even in countries with low standards of living. The most effective means of advertisement is promotion via the Internet, whereas search engine optimization plays big role in it.

Only search leads a client to website. He/she finds a required website and makes a choice. It seems that no one affects this decision and the process is fully controlled by a person. However, this is all an illusion. The potential customers are shown an attractive template that has already come through screening by search engines with the help of web designer and SEO. Behind this process lies a sequence of search algorithm, adhering to which a site reaches high positions in search engines among competitors in a similar area.

The right optimization starts with design. Website’s outlook creates an image and customers’ first impression about company depends on it. If you selected a site during your search according to the site’s headline or snippet, but the outlook is unpleasant and incomprehensible, it means that the site was made unprofessionally or at a low budget. It is very unlikely that you will entrust building of your house to this company. This is the first factor leading to a loss of potential clients.

Other problems affecting the number customers are: unclear website navigation, unreadable font, long loading, disordered catalogues, lack of search bar and project listed without category filter.

It is highly important to provide users with all the necessary information. A site may have a description of services, projects and objects catalogues, etc, but if it does not contain full description and prices on products, the customers will not be eager to continue to work with this source and consequently you will loose clients.

Taking into account serious competition any little mistake can have enormous effect on development of a business. In a process of website installation it needs to be taken into account

Optimization and promotion is a teamwork

As soon as a client reached manager to get consultation, optimizer has to be aware. In general, manager’s work in any business is in a way a key to success. His/her incompetence and irresponsibility can lead to fail even on the last stage of project’s development, which means fail of the entire team that is working on  promotion of construction company.

Quite often construction business is managed by people with no expertise in this industry. They are dealers and intermediaries, who are the link between those, working straight on site, and customers. A great part of profits from construction industry goes to these intermediaries and advertisement agencies. They regulate overpriced tariffs on construction objects and this system has been working for along time.

Optimizers help companies reach their clients. Advertisement on the front pages on the Internet is a well-paid “shopfront” and real estate catalogues (apartments, houses and cottages).

*Snippet – A short page description under headline in search results list.