Creating a site on WordPress

Creation and promotion of websites in WordPress

WordPress is a content management system with an opened applications code. The cost of building a site in WordPress is 500€.

Website installation in WordPress is free of charge (theme setting, filling with content and promotion is paid separately). The process of creating and installation takes from 1 to 15 days. Two or more themes in a template increase the price and completion time. Each theme has its own size, CSS code, fonts, background images that can be selected individually.

Some tips on using administration panel in WordPress system.

Sites on CMS WordPress are quite flexible and active for promotion if enough time for installation and testing is devoted. Various plugins and scripts are useless for the correct installation as it only requires clear code of templates theme and peculiar texts in a sufficient amount.

Website promotion depends on a template to high extent. Choosing a theme is also a crucial moment. The template and theme customization increases a price of creation. Thus, promotion of a website on old domain is more effective.

The database creation for WordPress blog in cPanel X is independent. (Some hosting providers apply creation and installation of database automatically.)

My site, personally, is managed by WordPress CMS as well.

The time and price to build a website depend on a number of themes in a template and individual wishes on themes outlook.