The right website optimization


Right search engine optimization (seo) requires accurate script correction.

You have launched a site on the Internet and can find it by clicking on the tab in your browser, but your potential client does not have the same tab, which is why your product/service is not sold. As a consequence, the site traffic is very low, the phone is silent and you still have to pay monthly wages.

In this situation the only right decision is to hire a qualified website optimizer. It is possible to do the work on your own, but is it worth time and effort to start something a professional can do much faster and easier?

All of your competitors that are in top 10 of the search engines already earn money thanks to site promotion. Most people look for information, products and services via popular search engines on the Internet and hardly ever go beyond top 30 of the search results.

As soon as you get the first client, you realize how important an optimizer is (promotion specialist) for your site. The optimizer leads to your source only those customers, who look specifically for the products and services you offer. A person searches, finds, chooses and buys those are the results of a successful promotion via the Internet.

Postponing the promotion you experience daily losses

The correct promotion is a serious work on a site (without link purchase and useless clicks). It includes writing articles for the users of the Web and the search engines robots (Web crawlers). The more interesting and clear the published material is for the reader, the higher the likeliness is that your product will be sold. The Web crawler does not see pictures, it reads correctly written texts and codes.

If you wish to develop your brand, it is a job of PR companies, not of a website optimizer.

For recognition of a name of your company, it is necessary to advertize it through TV, radio and other means of expensive promotion. Moreover, it is important to obtain a wide client base and create an image as a company offering quality goods and services. All of these actions require big capital and much time, whereas we offer pure work with code under full control from your side.

The basic search engine optimization can last from one to three months and more under certain circumstances. The results of quick site promotion are unstable and eventually end up with the fall in position within search results, leading to losses. The companies, utilizing such techniques, gain much money during two weeks of operation and after simply change the domain, continuing to earn more.

We assume that professional services should be charged adequately, which is why it is much more efficient to consult the same optimizer rather than ordering single service from profit-oriented companies. Losing regular optimizer means significantly dropping positions in search results list. The positions of a site come and go, but the setting should be systematic and so does the optimizer.

Overall, those companies that invest in professional seo gain greater results in their business.

Promotion specialist in site setting

Productive site promotion comes from the unity of an optimizer and administrator. The work begins with the study of a source and its abilities. Visible results are noticed in a couple of months. An optimizer works with website content and coding, whereas search engine scans the latest changes and shows the results only in the next update, which requires from one to two weeks. Due to various circumstances search engine robot can even omit your site. The job of optimizer is to find, analyze and solve related problems.

Right seo is a serious work on code, content and constant control of copy paste. It includes revealing visitors priorities, analyzing search statistics, checking site entries and generally interest of users to products or services. Moreover, optimizer tracks search engines reaction to all sorts of correction, taking into account new tendencies. All of this is an ongoing process.

Bad statistics, user traffic, low entries, drop of positions in search results, errors, etc. these problems that you inevitably face with your site require professional assistance. The work may take an entire group of people, but you wont notice it until you tape the search term and see your site on top positions in search engines.

In comparison with other methods, seo aims at leading your site to the top positions in search engines results, but not more than that. It comprises applying the right settings, upgrading positions in search results, fixing them and developing further.

If customers search for your products, they must find them on your site!

The service of an optimizer is paid on monthly basis. You have to take into account that coding is a systematic process, requiring quality specialist in this area. Complex code setting includes vast set of rules and consistent patterns, most of which are difficult to explain.

Site promotion depends on complexity of work and the amount of investment on seo. You have to increase spending on your site so that it really worked and brought you bigger profits.

Do not hesitate to contact us to get professional help!

P.S Design optimization can be done simultaneously with coding. You can request this service separately from site promotion.

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